Add a 2nd Disk Drive

If the installed hard disk becomes too small and the computer allows the installation of a 2nd disk, you can configure such 2nd disk to mount automatically during booting time. To do so you have to:

  • Press ALT+CTRL+T at the same time to start a terminal, and type the following command to initiate the file manager in superuser mode: sudo pcmanfm & (enter).
  • Navigate to the folder /mnt and create inside it a new folder with the name of the 2nd disk.
  • Get the UUID (ID of the disk-drive) of the 2nd disk by typing the command sudo blkid, search for your 2nd drive in the list and write down its UUID.
  • Type the following command to edit the fstab file: sudo nano /etc/fstab [Enter]
  • Add at the end of the fstab file a new line as follows (in one single line):
    UUID=[add here the UUID of the 2nd disk you wrote down above]
    /mnt/[add here the name of the 2nd disk folder you created above] auto defaults 0 0

    (Make sure to leave a space character between each entry)
    Leave the file editor by pressing CTRL+X then Y (to save) and [Enter].
  • Optionally, to allow access for all users to your 2nd disk do as follows: Open your file manager in superuser mode again sudo pcmanfm &, go to your 2nd disk folder and right click on it with your mouse. Under properties, select "Access rights for others", check the "Allow create or delete new files / folders", and then "Apply to all folders".

Re-boot your computer. The new disk should be automatically mounted.