Labdoo Logos

If you are carrying out outreaching activities, you may want to use the Labdoo logos to create your own awareness material (flyers, announcements, etc.). You can download all the Labdoo logos from this page. Pick the one most appropriate to the message you want to convey.

Note: all the Labdoo content (inluding the following logos) can be freely downloaded as long as you make a fair usage of it. All content is released under the Creative Commons License (CC BY-SA 3.0):

Labdoo logo: classic

Labdoo logo: 11 Year Anniversary

Labdoo logo: 10 Year Anniversary

Labdoo logo: laptop

Labdoo logo: word

Labdoo logo: word (alpha)

Labdoo mission statement: To bring education around the world through global collaboration

Labdoo slogan: tag a laptop

Labdoo slogan: build a lab

Labdoo global statistics

Labdoo logo: education 1

Labdoo logo: education 2

Labdoo logo: equation

Labdoo logo: steps 1

Labdoo logo: steps 2

Labdoo logo: Half Globe

[Download in scalable eps format]

Labdoo logo: Full Globe

[Download in scalable eps format]

Labdoo logo: social heart

Labdoo travel logo:

Labdoo steps with pictures:

Labdoo activity world map:

Labdoo Corporate Social Responsibility:

Labdoo map markers. You can use this if you compose your own maps.

Lasites/default/files/content/labdoo-toolkit/labdoo-steps-pictures.pngbdoo actions:

Labdoo DACH logo: