Role Delegation


Superhub managers have the capability to assign certain roles to users. This helps make the platform more sustainable as managers can distribute tasks by delegating roles to other. For instance, a superhub user can assign the role of "edoovillage manager" to a user so that the new edoovillage manager can help manage a new edoovillage project.

If you are assigned the role of superhub, you can assign new roles to other users as followed (make sure you are logged in first):

  1. Go to the person's user account page (a user account page can be accessed via the URL$USERNAME, where $USERNAME is the user's name)
  2. You will see a tab "Roles", click on it.
  3. In the "Roles" page, you can assign or remove roles to that user.

Figure. To grant more roles to another user, go to that user's account page, click on the tab 'Roles', and select the new roles you want to assign to that user.