Start a Laptop Request

Thank you very much for your interest in Labdoo and in starting a laptop request for an edoovillage. The request can be presented by a single person, an association, or the school/project itself, as long as it helps children and young adults gain access education.

The Labdoo guidelines do not allow to contribute computers to a specific person, only to organized public/private projects or schools, and the contributions have to stay within the edoovillage. All dootronics (laptops, tablets, etc.) are tagged via their online registration and have a unique Labdoo ID number.

To be able to accept a request, it's important for us to verify that the project is feasible and that there will be enough resources to successfully accomplish it. For instance, requesters and supporters should demonstrate to have travelers willing to carry the laptops to the destination (we call these dootrips) or otherwise demonstrate that there is a fair chance to find such traveling resources. All edoovilages are listed in this dashboard.

Please fill in the edoovillage request form that you will find in the Labdoo toolkit and send it over email to the Labdoo hub that will be taking care of your project. If you do not know your assigned hub yet, then you can use the Labdoo contact form to reach out to Labdoo. Send the request form together with pictures taken from the area, town, school and the children to one of our hubs.

Please reach out to us at least +/- 3-4 weeks before the departure of a traveler (dootripper), so we have time to prepare the laptops (dootronics). is only able to provide educational laptops because we receive them from donors around the world. It is difficult to tell in advance when the request will be fulfilled, but everybody can help shorten the delivery time by talking about the Labdoo project to friends, family, coworkers and their local community in general, or by talking to their local press and starting a call for laptop donations. There are many things you can do to help spread education around the world.