Take Pictures and Upload them to the Photo Album

Remember to take a good amount of pictures of your trip. Pictures are important to keep the Labdoo platform transparent and open. They are the best way to demonstrate that the donated laptops reach their intended destination. Please make sure that the pictures:

(1) are of good quality.
(2) clearly illustrate the laptops and allow donors to recognize their contributed dootronic.
(3) clearly portray the students using the laptops in their classroom.

Here is an example of a photo album fromarecipient school. The edoovillage where you are bringing the laptops also has its own page and photo album. If you don't know the URL, make sure to ask the manager of your edoovillage project or contact Labdoo at contact@labdoo.org.

Make sure you upload the pictures to the photo album of the edoovillage you are visiting. If you don't have enough rights to upload pictures to the album, ask your edoovillage manager to grant you the necessary rights or send them the pictures so they can upload them for you. You will find all this information in your edoovillage's website. In this page you will find a detailed description of how to upload pictures to your album.

Figure. Good pictures allow donors to recognize (1) their laptop and (2) the students using their laptop at a school.