Edoovillage Requirements to Receive Dootronics

To receive dootronics, a potential edoovillage needs to satisfy the following main requirements:

  1. Since Labdoo focuses on 'spreading education', an edoovillage must basically be a school or an educational center. In some occasions we can make exceptions and provide laptops to other organizations like hospitals or clinics, but most of the accepted edoovillages are actually schools.
  2. Edoovillages are asked to find travelers (dootrippers) willing to travel from any of the hubs to their location. This requirement is important to ensure the project is logistically viable. Labdoo is sending laptops to a very large number of schools, so having the schools themselves find the travelers helps speed up the implementation of the project and makes it feasible and sustainable. While Labdoo can also help find travelers, it is generally required that the school provides the first travelers on their own.
  3. The school must be capable of keeping laptops in a secure place to ensure they won't be damaged by harsh climate conditions (rain, dust, heat, ...) nor stolen.
  4. Once accepted, schools need to fill in the edoovillage request form and provide pictures of the school and the official school / NGO certificate in order to initiate the project.

Laptops with no batteries


At Labdoo, we purposely remove the battery from the laptop unless we know it is in a good condition.

There are several reasons for that.
1. The used battery that came with the used laptop is typically reaching toward the end of its
life cycle. Very often, the old battery causes problems to power up the laptop. (Tip: If you have a problem powering on the laptop or if there's a warning message about battery problems when you turn it on, try toremove the laptop battery to see if the problem goes away.)
2. Batteries are one of the most poisoning eWaste items. Since many schools may not have the capacity to properly dispose of eWaste, removing the laptop battery helps reduce eWaste.
3. The laptop battery is quite heavy, and many airlines don't allow laptop batteries to be in the checked luggage together with the laptop. The volunteer has to carry the battery separately with their carry-on suitcase, which is an extra burden to the traveler.
Not including the old battery reduces the CO2 footprint and also eases the traveler’s life in a
great deal.

The Labdoo laptops are most often used in the classroom setting, and most of the classrooms do have power outlets. We decided not to include the batteries on the laptops we sent out unless the battery is in excellent condition.
You can find further information on why and how to dispose safely of old batteries in this article from thunderboltlaptop.com
We hope you found the above explanation useful, and we are looking forward to seeing you share pictures of your students enjoying the laptops.