Labdoo User Accounts


Labdoo users interface with the Labdoo platform by using their own account. If you have not created an account yet and would like to be part of Project Labdoo to help spread education around the globe, please go to the registration page and fill in the fields to create your own account.

Once you have created your own account and logged into the Labdoo system, you will be able to perform tasks such as tagging a laptop, registering a new trip (we call it a 'dootrip'), communicating with other labdooers, or write comments to the various team walls, among many other tasks. The types of tasks you are capable of doing depend on the role your user is given. The following lists the various types of roles a user can have and the tasks allowed for each role:

  • Anonymous user: corresponds to users who visit without logging into an account. These users can only visualize data (dootronics, dootrips, schools, hubs) but cannot create any object (like tagging a dootronic). These users cannot see any user information either.
    Can do: visualize all objects.

  • Authenticated user: corresponds to the very basic labdoo user role. This is the role that a labdooer receives by default when registering for the first time to the system. This type of account allows users to perform all the base functions such as tagging laptops or registering a dootrip.
    Can do: anonymous user plus tag dootronics, create dootrips, register to teams, post conversations and tasks to teams.

  • Hub manager: provides additional functions to manage hubs, including editing your own hub information, assigning new managers to your hub, or uploading pictures to your hub photo album. Most often when this role is assigned, the user is also assigned the edoovillage manager role so that the hub manager can also create and assign new edoovillages to the hub account.
    Can do: authenticated user plus manage hub, upload photos to your hub album, create edoovillages, configure automatic hub notification triggers.

  • Edoovillage manager: provides additional functions to manage edoovillages, including creating and editing edoovillages, assigning other editors to edoovillages, or uploading pictures to edoovillages photo albums.
    Can do: authenticated user plus manage edoovillage, upload photos to a edoovillage album.

  • Newsletter manager: provides additional functions to manage, edit, and publish newsletters issues.
    Can do: authenticated user plus create, edit, issue and manage newsletters.

  • Wiki writer: provides additional functions to write new wiki documents. This role can create new wiki pages, edit existing ones, and publish or unpublish them.
    Can do: authenticated user plus create, edit, and manage wiki entries.

  • Team manager: provides additional functions to manage Labdoo teams, including creating new Labdoo teams, managing the users part of a team or assigning team management roles to other users.
    Can do: authenticated user plus create, edit, and manage Labdoo teams.

  • Superhub manager: provides additional functions to create new hubs and help manage larger Labdoo regions englobing multiple hubs.
    Can do: authenticated user plus create hubs, create and edit superhub pages, manage regional contact pages, assign roles to users, rights to edit any laptop.

Managing Your User's Roles

You can check the current roles assigned to your user by going to 'My account' and then clicking the tab 'My roles'.

As mentioned in the previous section, when you create your user for the first time, you are assigned by default the role of "authenticated user". If you need additional roles assigned to your user (e.g., if you want to become an "edoovillage manager" to create your own edoovillages or if you want to become a "Wiki writer" to write books like the one you are reading right now), please contact the Labdoo global team at

Role Delegation


Superhub managers have the capability to assign certain roles to users. This helps make the platform more sustainable as managers can distribute tasks by delegating roles to other. For instance, a superhub user can assign the role of "edoovillage manager" to a user so that the new edoovillage manager can help manage a new edoovillage project.

If you are assigned the role of superhub, you can assign new roles to other users as followed (make sure you are logged in first):

  1. Go to the person's user account page (a user account page can be accessed via the URL$USERNAME, where $USERNAME is the user's name)
  2. You will see a tab "Roles", click on it.
  3. In the "Roles" page, you can assign or remove roles to that user.

Figure. To grant more roles to another user, go to that user's account page, click on the tab 'Roles', and select the new roles you want to assign to that user.

Finding and Contacting Other Labdoo Users

Sometimes you may need to send a message to another Labdoo user to help coordinate some task but you don't have his/her email address. Or you may simply need to find how a user is connected with a specific dootronic, school or hub. In this case, you can use the Labdoo platform to reach out to that user as follows:

  1. First make sure you are logged in to your Labdoo account, otherwise you will not be able to connect with other users.
  2. All the Labdoo objects (dootronics, dootrips, edoovillages and hubs) are associated with users through a variety of fields. For instance, let's say that you want to contact a user who is the manager of a dootronic (for instance: Go to that dootronic page and under the field "Manager" you will see the user name of the person managing that dootronic (once again, make sure you are logged in otherwise you will not see this field.). Click on that user name. This will take you to this user's profile page.
    Alternatively, you can also find Labdoo users by using the 'Labdooers Dashboard'. Using this dashboard, you can find other users based on country, location, or their username, among other options. To learn how to use the 'Labdooers Dashboard' to find another user, please read this wiki page.
  3. Once you are in the user's profile page, click on the tab "Contact", fill in the form and click on "Send message". This will send a message to that user's email account. The user receiving your message will be able to reply to you also via your Labdoo contact page. Alternatively, you can also check that user's contribution to the Labdoo platform by clicking on the tab "Global contributions" or know about the user's profile by clicking on the "View" tab.

My Global Contributions

Go to your account page by clicking on the "My account" link you will find on any Labdoo page (make sure you are logged in). Then click on "Global contributions". This will take you to a page summarizing all the global contributions you have made using the Labdoo platform, including the amount of CO2 savings derived from your contributions. For each of your contributed items, you will also find links to the corresponding dashboards.

Figure. View of a user's global contribution page.