Managing Teams


If your Labdoo account has assigned the role of 'team manager', you will be able to configure and manage those teams that you create.

To manage a team that you have created, do as follows:

1. Go to that team's home page. You will see three tabs: 'View', 'Edit' and 'Team'. Click on the tab 'Team'.

2. In that page, you will see various options to help manage your team, as illustrated in the next figure.

Figure. Go to the team's home page and click on the tab 'Team' to access the following management page.

3. For instance, to see the list of users currently in your team, click on 'People'. To add users to your team, click on 'Add people'. You can also assign the role of admin to any of the users in the team, so that user can also have rights to add other users. Notice also that depending on your role, some of the settings may be read-only.

Figure. You can add users to your team by clicking on 'Add people' which will take you to the following page.