Suggesting a School or a Hub to write their Labdoo Story

If you would like to suggest a school or a hub to write their own Labdoo story, you can copy and paste the following text and send it to them. This text is only provided as a template to avoid having to retype all the time the same paragraph, feel free to adjust it to the context of your own conversation with the school or the hub:



Thank you very much for the wonderful work you do in $COUNTRYNAME to help give a chance at education to so many students.

We would love to publish a brief story of your work as part of the Labdoo Stories Series released within the Platform. We were wondering if you would like to write a brief description of your project and how it's using the Labdoo laptops to help bring education to your students. The story can be as short as 3 paragraphs with some pictures (or more if you'd like). Besides being published as a Labdoo Story, there is also a good chance that your story is also featured in the next Labdoo Global Newsletter which gets sent to all the Labdoo users and which can help bring more awareness about the great work you are doing. You can write about subjects such as: What challenges did you have to overcome? What motivated you to create your edoovillage or hub? What are the anecdotes and inspiring moments of your story that are worth sharing with the world? How are the laptops helping you and other people to gain a better education and in which ways?

You will find some examples of Labdoo stories from the following link:

And in this page you will also find some additional information:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach back to me. Thank you.

Best regards,
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