Add up number of items of the same kind in dootrip and edoovillage


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Feature request

Only not to forget, not urgent:
The project requests and deliveries, asking / transporting a collection of various type of items (laptops, tablets, reader) is increasing. In the actual pages of a project or a transport you cannot see how many items of a certain kind are included, only the total number of all.
There is very old feature request asking for being able to define a request more detailed in our database, e.g. a projects needs 10 laptops, 3 tablets, 2 readers. Actually only 15 units can be defined as request in our database. But being aware that this would cause mayor changes in code, I would ask in a first step for this:

Dootrip: there is a list of the assigned dootronics shown in a dootronics. Would it be possible to add up the item numbers of the same type. Type can be based on the selection box shown when tagging a new dootronic.

Project: Same for the dootronic list in an edoovillage (blue button), showing at the end of the item list a summary of the numbers of the same kind. Only status S3, T1, S4, ignoring all other stati.

If any question comes up please contact me. Thank you.
Ralf (Germany)