Add state/region to hub dashboard


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Feature request

As the number of hubs in a country is increasing it is becoming more difficult to external users to find the nearest hub. So it might be helpful to add the state/region/Bundesland/Kanton to the sort criteria. Actually country / town / hub name is shown. Request is to show country / state / town / hub name.
Another additional request could be to add state in addition to the country as filter criteria as an additional user option in the existing hub dashboard.
For large countries like USA this might become very helpful (when number of hubs increases), if not essential.
Not important, just not to forget.

Actually I cannot use the hub dashboard to inform donors, where the nearest hubs/branches are located. I use "Übersicht weltweit" and generate a link based on coordinates, hub status and search radius. For Berlin =
It works, but having such a filter in hub dashboard would be more comfortable. Might even be a feature for Labdoo 3.0 :)