Automatic Notifications and Managing your Dootrips


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To facilitate the process of communicating and managing dootrips, Labdoo users involved in a dootrip can receive any of the following automatic email notifications:

  • Travelers and related users upon dootrip creation. Every time a dootrip is created, the travelers and users related to that dootrip receive a notification email.
  • Labdoo users who have projects in the dootrip's destination country. When a dootrip is created with the option "Announce this dootrip" checked, a notification email is sent out to all Labdoo edoovillage and hub managers who have an open edoovillage in a country equal to the destination country of the dootrip. This allows these users to know about the existence of that dootrip, giving them the option to claim the resource for the transport of dootronics to that edoovillage. Please notice that this type of notifications will be send out only if you select the checkbox "Announce this dootrip". To avoid sending out unnecessary false alarms to other users, it is recommended that you keep this option turned OFF if you already have dootronics assigned to your trip and cannot carry any more dootronics.
  • Travelers and related users upon dootrip expiration. When a dootrip expires, if it's status is still pending, a notification email is sent out to travelers and users related to that dootrip to remind them to update the dootrip status.

In addition to the above notifications, users will receive the following set of reminders:

  • Upon a dootrip expiration. Five days after a dootrip expires, if the dootrip status has not been changed to 'Completed' or 'Cancelled', then the users in charge of that dootrip will receive an email reminder to update the status of the dootrip. This email reminder is sent three times, each one separated by 5 days. That is, the reminder is sent 5 days, 10 days and 15 days after the dootrip has been completed and as long as the status is not changed.

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