Finding and Contacting Other Labdoo Users


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Sometimes you may need to send a message to another Labdoo user to help coordinate some task but you don't have his/her email address. Or you may simply need to find how a user is connected with a specific dootronic, school or hub. In this case, you can use the Labdoo platform to reach out to that user as follows:

  1. First make sure you are logged in to your Labdoo account, otherwise you will not be able to connect with other users.
  2. All the Labdoo objects (dootronics, dootrips, edoovillages and hubs) are associated with users through a variety of fields. For instance, let's say that you want to contact a user who is the manager of a dootronic (for instance: Go to that dootronic page and under the field "Manager" you will see the user name of the person managing that dootronic (once again, make sure you are logged in otherwise you will not see this field.). Click on that user name. This will take you to this user's profile page.
    Alternatively, you can also find Labdoo users by using the 'Labdooers Dashboard'. Using this dashboard, you can find other users based on country, location, or their username, among other options. To learn how to use the 'Labdooers Dashboard' to find another user, please read this wiki page.
  3. Once you are in the user's profile page, click on the tab "Contact", fill in the form and click on "Send message". This will send a message to that user's email account. The user receiving your message will be able to reply to you also via your Labdoo contact page. Alternatively, you can also check that user's contribution to the Labdoo platform by clicking on the tab "Global contributions" or know about the user's profile by clicking on the "View" tab.

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