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When you are installing VirtualBox the first time manually please follow these steps (if you are cloning you can ignore this wiki page):

After having installed VirtualBox you have to add the matching Extension Pack. Important: Please make sure that the release number of VirtualBox and Extension Pack are identical! For this purpose, start VirtualBox (either using the icon on the bottom left Lubuntu --> Run --> virtualbox (Enter) or by Accessories --> VirtualBox) and open Help --> About VirtualBox to see the release-no. of VirtualBox. Next step is to open File --> Preferences --> Extensions to see the release-no. of the Oracle VM VitualBox Extension Pack. Both must match, if not please follow the steps explained below.

Update, Update to a higher VitualBox release number

If the VirtualBox is only patched without upgrading to a higher version no further actions have to be taken. In longer intervals the (L)Ubuntu distribution upgrades VirtualBox to a higher version number. In such a case, the Extension Pack will not automatically be updated. For this purpose, proceed as follows:

    To Update the Extension Pack
  • First check the release number of the installed Virtualbox version →Help → About VirtualBox → you can read the version no. in the window in the format x.x.xx (e.g.. 5.1.34). For LTS releases of (L)Ubuntu often older versions are used due to reliability.
  • Next open in VirtualBox menu File→Preferences→Extensions and remove the former Extension Pack (mark it and click on the blue square with the red X)
  • Then download the matching Extension Pack from the homepage If you are not able to find the installed your version no. on this page, scroll down to VirtualBox Older builts. Click here and search in the next pages the matching release no. Extension Pack All Platforms → "Open with VirtualBox", and follow the steps to install it, ready.

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