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Some people from other organizations we collaborate with often do extra work because they do not know about our labtix.
I have received certain requests and detected the need of brievely describe our great Labtix developement: programs included and functionalities.
Do you know where can i find this or do you think you could write a few lines about that? Should we also add a screenshot of the labtix dashboard?

Thanks Team!


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Enviat per Rhein-Ruhr-Hub el dj., 10/29/2020 - 12:45

Hi Elena,

it's all in our wikis. Sorry, if not all wikis in all languages are up-to-date and synchronized. Personally I update the German wiki pages and try to translate as much as possible into English. From there other helpers have to transfer text and translate into Spanish wikis and others. There you will find video tutorials, explanation and more

If users prefer to videos and documents for an easy download, we also set-up a folder on our FTP server, where you can find videos and PDFs prepared (more or less, what is in the wikis, but for download and offline usage)

Another source is our YouTube channel

Hope some of these sources are helpful for you and helpers.
Ralf (Germany)