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Hellow Everyone,
I am Working with Arusha Node Marie(ANM)- a non- profit making society that provides free or almost free internet to schools, educational and research institutions, aiming at improving education using ICT.
I was looking for likeminded organization to work together for improving education. I came across, LABDOO.
What are the procedures to follow for an organization like ANM to partner with or get support from LABDOO?

Thanks so much
Will be pleased to hear from you soon.

Together we can.



imatge de Rhein-Ruhr-Hub
Enviat per Rhein-Ruhr-Hub el dv., 06/26/2015 - 12:59

Hi Monica,

I am answering from Germany. Thank you for your interest in setting up an Edoovillage (so Labdoo calls a school or youth projects). Please describe your needs in a mail and send it to If you have helpers abroad (not in Germany, Austria or Switzerland) send a mail to, if you have helpers in German speaking countries return your mail to, thank you.

Please check, if you have relations to places where one of our hubs is located Your friends living close to such a hub can also try to contact this hub. If the hubs agreed to accept your request send the request to this hub with some photos of your area, the location of the school and the children.

Important for a decision, whether a IT request is accepted, is if you can proof that there are helpers travelling from one of our hub to your place or you can solve it by yourself. Without logistic helpers we cannot accept your request. is a concept, not a laptop "warehouse". So you are free to become part of our help organisation and look for unused IT yourself and adapt our concept.

All projects can be seen at

Please read this wiki More documents in English can be downloaded from here, explaining the project and the educational software and content

Of course we can only pass on what was previously donated to us. Therefore, we cannot say in advance if and when the IT donations will be donated and collected.

I hope I could answer your question, thanks.

Ralf e.V. (Germany)