Printing of multiple tags to avoid paper waste


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Feature request


i feel that we create an unnecessary volume of wasted paper if we print just one tag of one laptop on one page.

this might not be a challenge for individual taggers but for hubs who tag and sanitize many laptops it is a waste of time, paper and hence precious resources.

my suggestion is to add some type of functionality where one can either enter manually all the tag numbers of laptops where we want to print tags or we select a list of laptops via standard search and in there mark the ones where tags need to be printed.

if all is marked or entered then there should be a print button so all tags get printed on a single page or multiple pages.

either way would work for me.

best wishes, frank
labdoo hub zurich


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Enviat per jordi el dc., 02/17/2016 - 20:19

Hi Frank,

I have implemented this although right now is a bit hacky. You can now print multiple tags on the same page by adding multiple &id=LAPTOPID on the URL. For instance, like this:

I will be adding a form soon to make it more user friendly, but in the meantime, to help you safe some paper, you can use the above.

imatge de jordi
Enviat per jordi el ds., 01/28/2023 - 11:08

One comment about this topic is that quite some time ago we implemented the capability to print a block of consecutive tags using the ‘id_first’ and ‘id_last’ parameters. This could be very convenient if you are cloning a large number of laptops consecutively. More info here: