Searching Inside Visualization Dashboards and Meaning of Fields


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1. Meaning of fields

Table. Meaning of fields in the Labdoo Dashboards
Field Meaning
Needed Total number of dootronics demanded by this edoovillage or hub
Remaining Total number of dootronics demanded by this edoovillage or hub that have still not been delivered
% Completed Percentage of completion, computed as (Needed - Remaining) / Needed * 100
Delivered Total number of dootronics delivered to this edoovilage or by this hub
Capacity Total number of dootronics that can be carried by this dootrip
In transit Total number of dootronics that are currently in transit traveling to an edoovillage
Transported Total number of dootronics that have already been transported to an edoovillage

2. Using the 'Free-Text Search' field

Within each visualization dashboard, you will find various tools to help you search, count, geolocate and track the status of any of the four main Labdoo objects (dootronics, dootrips, edoovillages and hubs). These tools include a geolocation map to position the displayed objects, a column chart that provides counting metrics, a search box and a set of drop down menu options to filter your search.

Of special interest is the search box "Free-Text Search", which allows you to search objects across pretty much any of their properties. For instance, you can search objects across Labdoo ID, status, country, assigned edoovillage, etc. One useful feature is that you can do automatically filtered searches by adding a prefix to your query. For instance, let's say that in the dootronics dashboard you want to find the device that has Labdoo ID equal to 000002358. To do so, you can type in the search box id:000002358. Or let's say that you want to find all dootrips that have as destination country Tanzania. To do so, you can go to the dootrips dashboard and type in the search box dstcountry:tanzania. The list of special keywords available for each of the four visualization dashboards is presented in the next table.

Table. List of keywords available to perform filtered searches
Dashboard Search keys
Dootronics id, hub, edoovillage, dootripid, status, notes, tagger, manager, emails, country, serialnumber, pickmeup, model, wh
Dootrips title, capacity, numberdootrips, status, completed, srccountry, dstcountry, dootrippers, additionalinfo
Edoovillages title, hub, needed, intransit, delivered, remaining, pcompleted, status, country, completed, open
Hubs title, needed, intransit, delivered, remaining, neededshared, remainingshared, pcompleted, country

3. How to create URL links of specific dashboard views

Please see this page for information on how to generate URLs of specific dashboard views using the 'View Dashboards'.

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