Tagging a Laptop with a Labdoo ID Number


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Each dootronic contributed to the Labdoo platform needs to be tagged and labeled with its unique Labdoo Indentifier (ID) to ensure that donors can track their donation all the way to the final destination school and/or the recycling factory.

The following steps describe the process of tagging a Labdoo laptop.

  1. At the top of the Labdoo's home page( www.labdoo.org ) , move your mouse cursor to "Collaborate" . Under "Labdoo Platform", click to select "Tag a device". Login to Labdoo.org if you haven't done so. If you don't have a Labdoo account yet, please create one in order to tag the computer.)
  2. Fill in the information about your dootronic (Make sure you fill all the fields marked with a "*")
  3. If the donor desires so, it's very important to add the donor's email address to ensure that he/she can receive email updates about the status of the dootronic. Here's how:
    - Under Create Dootronic, select the second tab "Additional Information".
    - Scroll down to the field 'Additional notification emails'.
    - Fill in the donor's email address in this field.
  4. Under "Additional notes", add the laptop condition.
  5. Click "Save" once you are done. A unique Labdoo ID number will be assigned to the laptop.
  6. On the new page after clicking 'save', click on "Print tags" to print the "Labdoo ID" labels. (Alternatively, you can manually write the Labdoo ID number on the preprint blank label sheets that you will find in this link.)
  7. Tape the labels to (1) the laptop, (2) its power adapter, and all (3) the parts which come with the laptop. Ensure the taping is resistant so that the label does not get detached from the laptop.

Below is an example of a laptop tagging page.

Figure. Example of tagging procedure.

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