Video, sond and photo editing Softwares Recommendantion


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We were wondering if some one could give us a recommendation on which softwares work best for video editing, sound editing and photo editing on Labdoo Ubuntu Mate Computers. Do you think it is possible to run the free version of Da Vinci off the system? or do you have a preferable recommendation? and we were thinking of possibly using audacity and had not picked a photo editing programme yet. If you have experience with this, we would be very happy to hear your advice!


imatge de Rhein-Ruhr-Hub
Enviat per Rhein-Ruhr-Hub el dc., 03/16/2022 - 19:02

Actually the video tool kino is pre-installed on each cloned Labdoo laptop. But it is planned to add a new video editing tool in the 22.04 LTS images.
Here is a list of the available tools

Audacity as audio editing tool is part of all Labdoo installtions based on our images for cloning.

You should be able to install any tool yourself, e.g. DaVinci.

There are several picture editing tools etc. pre-insatlled, refer to

imatge de Lesvos LGBTIQ+ Refugee Solidarity
Enviat per Lesvos LGBTIQ+ ... el dg., 04/10/2022 - 15:13

We greatly appreciate your response to our question. Unfortunately, the Kino program pre-installed on labdoo computers is not enough for the course we intend to offer. Thus, we performed the installation of DaVinci, however we have recieved the following error response regarding our GPU settings of unsupported GPU processing mode (see screenshots) and are unsure what to change and how.
thanks so much in advance for your help!