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Edoovillages 相關資訊

Edoovillages是筆記本電腦部署的學校。 Labdoo專注於裝備學校,因為:

  • 學校有自己的組織。
  • 教室由教師管理,可以幫助監控筆記本電腦的使用情況。老師的角色對於幫助Labdoo回收筆記本電腦後不再工作也非常重要。
  • 學校通常有電力和互聯網接入(即使在偏遠地區,由於無線通信的擴展)。他們還提供防水和安全的庇護所。
  • 與學校合作也簡化了dootrip的協調工作,因為許多志工到貧窮社區會訪問學校。

創建新的edoovillage,收件人需要填寫 Labdoo筆記本電腦申請表


Start a Laptop Request

Thank you very much for your interest in Labdoo and in starting a laptop request for an edoovillage. The request can be presented by a single person, an association, or the school/project itself, as long as it helps children and young adults gain access education.

The Labdoo guidelines do not allow to contribute computers to a specific person, only to organized public/private projects or schools, and the contributions have to stay within the edoovillage. All dootronics (laptops, tablets, etc.) are tagged via their online registration and have a unique Labdoo ID number.

Information for Dootrippers (Travelers)

Dear Dootripper,

Thank you for taking one or more laptops to an Edoovillage, it’s an important contribution! Your action is a key step towards helping make Labdoo a sustainable project. By reusing laptops and repurposing your trip, you are not only bringing education to needy schools, but you are also helping to preserve the planet by avoiding generating additional CO2 emissions.

In this section you will find information that will help you make your trip more efficient, safe, and fun.