1st sanitation workshop results


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(Pictures in Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/268648726492994/posts/1933689883322195/)

New York hub had the first sanitation workshop at Columbia Business School.
We had 18 volunteers, 2 NPO partners, and the core Labdoo members from Catalunya (founder), New Zealand, and New York.

We accomplished a lot!
•3 laptops completed at the workshop.
•4 Work-in-process laptops at workshop due to a slow internet connection (4 laptops completed downloading Edubuntu after workshop).
•7 iPads and 1 Android setup to factory setting.
•15 devices physically sanitized (with alcohol wipe) after the event! → they look and are cleaner!
•1 laptop (Dell) requires power adaptor to start sanitizing.
•1 laptop (black MacBook) could not be sanitized and will be recycled.
•1 laptop (white MacBook) Installed Kolibri by Learning Equality.
•20 MSTERIO dolls designed!

What’s next?
- Join Labdoo NY Team Wall to be connected with other Labdooers in NY and get updates!
- Create Labdoo ID and login - https://www.labdoo.org/user/register
- Subscribe to Labdoo New York team - https://www.labdoo.org/teams

- Find dootrips (travelers) and edoovillages (schools) for the 6 laptops so the dootronics (laptops) can be deployed and used by students

- Find donors of laptops - individuals or corporate.

Please let your friends and colleagues know about the our NPO partners (thank you Nozomi and Laura for coming!)
- MSTERIO.org - Connect children around the world through giving
- Learning Equality- Bringing the online learning revolution offline

Thank you to all the volunteers and the partners!!