Add a Local Printer as Network Printer


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If you have a printer directly connected to your Labdoo computer (via USB or a Centronics cable), you can share access to the printer from other computers via a local network. To do so you need to use CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) as follows.

Configuring the Labdoo computer attached to the printer:

  • Open the web browser and type the URL address http://localhost:631
  • On the admin page http://localhost:631/admin/ select “Share printers connected to this system”.
  • Select under ”Printers” the connected printer.
  • Click on the menu “Administration” and on “Printer”.
  • Leave “Actual connection” unchanged → Proceed → select “Allow access to this printer / share”.
  • Optional: add a name for the place of installation → Proceed → Change settings.

Showing the printer on other Labdoo computers connected via the network:

  • Open the web browser and type the URL address http://localhost:631/admin
  • Select the option “Show printers shared by other systems” → Change settings.

After this you should see the printer in the menu “Printer". Maybe you have to wait a little bit before the printer is shown or re-load the page http://localhost:631/admin/.

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