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The Image for Cloning "remembers" the keyboard layout of the computer, on which the image was generated. Usually Images are produced on computers having a German keyboard - sorry for that :( When you start a computer with a different keyboard layout you might have a problem to log-in properly. You are able to change the keyboard layout for each user after logging in. But that will not solve the problem. First you have to log-in and next you have to change a system setting.

Here is the layout of a German keyboard so you should be able to find the letters labdoo (our standard password to log-in). After logging in you should change the keyboard layout first and next change the keyboard system setting.

For LXDE/MATE and Log-in (Light-DM)

Having booted you are able to log-in. The computer will get the keyboard layout of the file /etc/default/keyboard. You change it as follows:

  • Open a terminal,
  • type sudo nano /etc/default/keyboard and press (Enter)
  • in the terminal window search for the line XKBLAYOUT="de"
  • change de to the keyboard layout you need e.g. en, fr etc.
  • optional: Changing the next line XKBVARIANT="" you can add a country specific keyboard layout (e.g. "ch" für eine deutsch-schweizer Tastatur de-ch or a special Spanish variant etc.)
  • Save modified file (Ctl/Strg + O (enter), close terminal by pressing Ctl/Strg + X)

Important: The keyboard layout for the users labdoo or student will not be changed by this setting. After logging in you can change the user keyboard as described here

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