DKMS (Automatically Driver Updates)


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Dynamic Kernel Module Support (DKMS) is a program/framework that enables generating Linux kernel modules whose sources generally reside outside the kernel source tree. The concept is to have DKMS modules automatically rebuilt when a new kernel is installed.

An essential feature of DKMS is that it automatically recompiles all DKMS modules if a new kernel version is installed. This allows drivers and devices outside of the mainline kernel to continue working after a Linux kernel upgrade.

To install DKMS, do as follows:

- Open a terminal by pressing at the same time the keys ALT + CTRL T
- Type in the following command:
sudo apt-get install build-essential dkms [Enter] + [Password] + [Enter]

Note: DKMS is already installed if you cloned a laptop using the advanced method or if you used the

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