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Edoovillages are the schools where laptops are deployed. Labdoo focuses on equipping schools because:

  • Schools have their own organized community.
  • Classrooms are managed by teachers who can help monitor the good use of the laptops. The role of the teachers is also important to help Labdoo recycle laptops once they no longer work.
  • Schools typically have electricity and access to the Internet (even in remote areas thanks to the expansion of wireless communications). They also provide waterproof and secure shelters.
  • Working with schools also simplifies the coordination of dootrips, as many people who travel to poor communities visit schools during their trips.

In order to create a new edoovillage, the potential recipients will need to fill in the Labdoo laptop request form.

When an edoovillage is created, the recipients receive a kit containing at least:

  • An edoovillage dashboard from where the inventory of contributed devices can be managed and tracked.
  • An entry in the list of Labdoo edoovillages.
  • A web album in the edoovillage's space where pictures of the activities with the laptops can be uploaded.

To help reduce electronic waste, a main obligation of the laptop recipients is to report back to every six months the list of laptops in their inventory and the status of those laptops (working or not working) and to facilitate the process of recycling the laptops once they no longer work through the Labdoo's social network-based recycling mechanism. This reporting processes are referred to as Global Inventory Checks (GICs).

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