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There are many Labdoo stories occurring around the world and unfortunately it is not possible to fit them all in one newsletter. The articles below are just a fairly random selection of some of your stories and the Labdoo Team apologizes up front for not being able to push them all due to space limitations. If you feel your story should really make it to the next quarterly newsletter, please send an email to and we will try to include it into the next issue. Thanks for making the Labdoo story possible -- The Labdoo Team.

Laptops Delivered in India

Labdoo laptops delivered in Tiruvanamalai, India, thanks to people's grassroots collaboration in Germany. Check out more pictures and the status of this project from the following link!


Laptops Sanitation Party in California for a School in Ban Phone Ngeng, Laos

October monthly QA party @ PeopleSpace , Orange County, California. This month's goal is to sanitize laptops for the Ban Phone Ngeng School in Ban Phone Ngeng, Laos. Click the following link to learn more about the project:

A Successful International Chocolate Company Creates a Labdoo Hub in Munich and Takes Action
Lyss, a Business woman who runs a successful international chocolate company and her team created a Labdoo hub in Munich... "chocs for laptops" as she says! now they are already bringing laptops loaded with education software in other places of the world. To begin with, they just completed a new edoovillage in Ireland with 10 laptops: 
Lyss says: "About 80 kids share 10 laptops to help them stay in school, up to date and part of the community. Love sharing, love teaching and love the connection in between . Love being part of and the individuals who donate laptops, and also support our food safety teaching. (Ps you can help too! Just contact me ;-))"

Hub Melbourne, Australia, Collects and Sanitizes Laptops for a School in Kampala, Uganda

Labdoo Hub Melbourne, Australia, collects and sanitizes laptops for a school in Kampala, Uganda, in collaboration with Project Rhythm of Life Rhythm Of Life . This was made possible thanks to activists and doctors who traveled to the 20th International AIDS Conference celebrated in Melbourne. Thank you everyone for the team effort!
More info about this edoovillage: 

Laptops Delivered in Morocco

Laptops delivered to Pam Ahadaf-Azrou, Morocco. You can find more pictures and the progress made in this school by going to:

Happy team effort!

New Labdoo Hubs Opened in Bilbao and at ESADE Business School in Barcelona

New Labdoo Hubs opened in Bilbao and at ESADE Business School/Barcelona ---
In Bilbao, Naroa @naroa created her own hub and she has already started contributing laptops to a school in Cameroon. She created her own edoovillage, performed one dootrip to Cameroon and is preparing for a second dootrip soon. Naroa's hub will enable the mobilization of laptops from the Bilbao region.
Naroa's hub in Bilbao:

In parallel, four students from the ESADE Business school in Barcelona have created their own hub ESADE . As one of the top business schools, ESADE has a very large international student community. The intention of these students is to mobilize this potential community towards three main objectives: (1) collection of unused laptops, (2) mobilization of traveling resources among the international students community and (3) bringing more awareness about the issues of education, the digital divide and sustainable development in the most needed areas.


Fall Cleaning Party Organized by and in New York
This Fall don't miss out the Fall cleaning party organized by HappyDoll and in New York! if you have an unused laptop, you can donate it to help bring education to children around the globe.
When: Saturday Oct 18th at 2pm
Where: 1930 Broadway, bet 64th and 65th St., 3rd Fl., NY NY 10023
You can make a difference.
Labdoo Laptops Deliver ed in Ecuador
Labdoo laptops delivered to Escuelas Chimborazo in Ecuador thanks to the grassroots work from Labdoo hubs in Barcelona in collaboration with Yachana-huasi.
Taiwan NTHU Ghana Volunteering Group Brought Labdoo Laptops to Schools in Ghana
Big thanks to Taiwan NTHU Ghana Volunteering Group for bringing education hopes to schools in Elubo, Ghana with the Labdoo laptops! Follow the link below to learn more about the project:
清華大學台飛迦納國際志工團給我們帶回來的美麗照片. 恭喜他們順利完成任務! 無國界工程師協會也會在近期邀請我們上一季支援的所有志工團前來進行分享會. 確定日期及地點將於近日公布, 請大家拭目以待, 到時踴躍參加!! (4 photos)

Labdoo Hub Reus and Ocularis Association Bring Laptops to Maputo, Mozambique
Ophthalmologist doctors travel to Maputo, Mozambique, and bring laptops which are used to help heal many people's eyes! Special thanks for Labdoo Hub Reus and to Ocularis Ocularis Associació for making this possible. You can find out more about this project here: