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There are many Labdoo stories occurring around the world and unfortunately it is not possible to fit them all in one newsletter. The articles below are just a fairly random selection of some of your stories and the Labdoo Team apologizes up front for not being able to push them all due to space limitations. If you feel your story should really make it to the next quarterly newsletter, please send an email to and we will try to include it into the next issue. Thanks for making the Labdoo story possible -- The Labdoo Team.

Labdoo Laptops from Zurich arrived in Mombasa, Kenya

Labdoo laptops from our Swiss hub in Zurich arrive in Mombasa, Kenya.The joy was overwhelming! Check out this cool project from the following link: 

Labdoo Laptops from Italy arrived in Kangemi, Kenya

From Rome to Nairobi. Laptops loaded with education software, were delivered by travelers from Italy to a school in Kangemi, near Nairobi, Kenya. Check out the work done on this edoovillage and more pictures at: 

Labdoo Hubs in D A CH Region Delivered 15 Laptops to a School in Sanok, Poland

15 Labdoo laptops delivered to a school in Sanok, Poland. Check it out!! thank you to all labdooers for making this possible.
Labdooers at Orange County, California Sanitized Laptops to Send to a School in Laos
Labdooers at Orange County, California gather together every month to sanitize Labdoo laptops. The main objective for the December party was to get the laptops ready for the Ban Phone Ngeng Elementary School in Laos. Please visit the following link to learn more about the edoovillage.
HappyDolls and Labdoo Laptops Travel Together Around the World!
HappyDolls from New York are shipped to various destinations in the world thanks to CO2-neutral dootrips to Barcelona, Ambato and Nairobi. The Labdoo team is very proud to collaborate with the NYC-based organization HappyDoll and we wish many more successful delivery of dolls and laptops to destination schools!!
Happy Holidays to Everyone!
It has been an amazing year, and now it is time to take a deep breath, look back for a second how much progress we have done together, and make this one a great Christmas Holiday. And while doing so, let's make sure we recharge our energies as we prepare for a New Year 2015 full with even more contributions to spread education around the globe. Happy Holidays everyone!

Work done:
3882 Laptops tagged
4520 Laptops needed
72 Hubs
383 Edoovillages
104 Countries
88039 Students
CO2 equivalent savings:
1048140 Aluminum cans
5823000 Liters of water
229038 Plastic bottles
7764 Trees
Sanitized Laptops from Schools Near Barcelona Were Brought to a School in Rwanda
High School Students and Teachers from Institut Eugeni d'Ors and Escola Montagut from Vilafranca del Penedes (Barcelona) sanitize laptops with education software and find dootrips to bring them to a school in Rwanda using CO2-neutral means via the missioner travelers "Missionnaire des Sacrés Coeurs de Jesús et de Marie". 

Special thanks to all the teachers and students who make this possible through their dedicated work. 

Check out the pictures and the project site! 

Happy New Year Everyone!
Happy New Year Everyone!
Why not start the new year off by introducing the 2015 New Year Resolution with Labdoo? 
Yes, we have brainstormed a number of activities that are not only enjoyable, but will also help the Labdoo cause! Some are smaller tasks and some are bigger, but they have a couple of things in common. One of which is bringing the group closer together! Together we can achieve more.
Labdoo Hub in North Carolina Delivered Laptops to a School in Cochin, India
Labdoo Hub Durhman, North Carolina, delivers laptops loaded with education software to a school in Cochin, India. Great work to Brandon and his team from Durham!

Check out the status of this edoovillage and more pictures from the following link:

Students from Lehigh University, Pennsylvania Created their Own Labdoo Hub and Delivered 10 Laptops in Tanzania
A group of students and faculty from Lehigh University get featured in the following article for their work in Tanzania. As part of their trip, after creating their own Labdoo Hub, they delivered 10 laptops loaded with education software and delivered classes to the local students.

Check out this project from: