Labdoo Newsletter Global - 2015.11

Labdoo Newsletter global Issue: 13
Date: 11/2015
"Your humanitarian social network to help bring education around the world"
LABDOO is a humanitarian social network joined by people around the world who want to make our planet a better place by providing those in underdeveloped regions a chance at a better education. The goal of the social network is to send unused laptops, ebook readers, tablet-PCs and any device that can be loaded with education software to needy schools around the world using colaboration and without incurring any economic or environmental costs. There is a very large number of stories taking place within the Labdoo social network and this newsletter only captures a few of them. If your story does not show up and you feel that it is worth spreading, please send an email to and the editor of this newsletter will make any possible effort to include it in the next issue -- The Labdoo Team.

Labdoo Project has Now Reached 500 Schools!

With new school projects created in Bosnia, Congo and Tanzania, the Labdoo Project has now reached 500 schools! Thank you everyone for making it a reality. Got and unused laptop or tablet? join Labdoo now and help spread education. ‪#‎labdoo‬ ‪#‎worldeducation‬ ‪#‎recyclecomputers‬.

Labdoo Laptops from Hubs in Switzerland Arrived at a School in Togo

Labdoo is growing in the area of Switzerland, with a good number of hubs being created around the country these past weeks. And many schools are now benefiting from the great work these hubs are doing. Check out just as one example this school from Togo, who recently received laptops loaded with education s‬oftware... very cool work!

Laptops from Germany Delivered in Kenya

With more than 20 active hubs in Germany, listing all the schools that are benefiting from their actions would make this newsletter issue humongous! Check out this school in Kenia which recently received laptops from labdooers in Germany:

Help Labdoo by Translating The Social Network to Your Language

Labdoo currently supports a good number of languages, but the more languages we support, the more education we can spread around the world.
Do you know a language and can you contribute just one hour of your time to help translate a piece of the Labdoo social network? That's all it takes to help bring education to a child.
If you do, send the Labdoo team an email at:
A special thank you for all the contributors around the world that are currently helping to translate Labdoo to languages including Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Catalan and other languages that are in the works.

Labdoo Laptops from Hubs in Barcelona Delivered in Nepal

This is a special story that we think is worth sharing... Anna's brother, Enric, was a young engineer. Together with two of his university classmates he had started a company on renewable energies and he was very involved in social and earth green projects. Unfortunately, Enric passed away after bravely fighting cancer. Anna contacted Labdoo to donate Enric's laptop because "he would have loved that his laptop is used to help bring education to children". Thanks to Labdoo hubs in Barcelona and to dootrippers Raimon and Marta that went to Nepal just a few days ago, his laptop is now being used at a school in Nepal. Enric's laptop traveled together with two brand new tablets donated by another family in Catalonia, which were then all collected by teacher Saroj in Kathmandu. Now these tablets and laptops are all being used in the school as book reading and educational devices.
A big thank you for all the labdooers around the globe who have made this story possible and our deepest thoughts of condolence go to the victims of the recent earthquakes in Nepal.

A New Framework, Labdoo 2.0 is Now Here!

We started with an idea... that together in collaboration
we could bring education to every child in the Planet...
…we first planted a seed, and took good care of it
so it could grow strong...
…then, something wonderful happened, through simple
acts around the world...
... as of today...
> More than 500 Schools receiving education-ready laptops
> More than 100 countries participating
> More than 140,000 students from the poorest regions benefiting
> More than 140 hubs around the world
and this is just the beginning, because we just developed a new Labdoo framework...
…it's a new framework called Labdoo 2.0, designed to be faster,
logistically more efficient, more collaborative,
more respectful with Planet Earth, and more fun!
Join Project today and tag your unused laptop to give a chance at education to every child...
Thank you to all Labdooers around the globe for making an idea reality.
The Labdoo Team

Labdoo in Taiwan for Summer Camp Activities

This summer, a few of our members traveled to Taiwan to teach English to the students of a summer camp. The trio Johnathan Kuo, Jessica Kuo, and Samantha Lee did a wonderful job representing Labdoo this year.
They prepared games, music, dances, and crafts as activities to teach and encourage the children to interact. The games such as Charades and Pictionary were a big hit with the kids! The same could also be said for the mini skits performed by the trio.
Children of the camp had a blast with craft time. They loved making adorable animal cards from the animal cut-out shapes brought by our volunteers. They also shared their favorite food and place by illustrating with cut-out construction paper, and then pasting on the e-books paper.
These were fun and challenging times, however, our volunteers overcame the hurdles and made it a memorable summer camp for these children!

Laptops just wanna have fun. No, seriously. They love to play tag!

[Article from Labdoo Hub Orange County (California) -]
Everyone has a first name and last name. Some of us even have middle names. Our identification is how others will be able to recognize us. That's how we treat laptops!
We recycle old technology (mainly laptops) by giving them a special ID, so they can be identified by their owners. Every laptop, after being cleansed, is documented in our growing database. Since each device has its own serial number; that number is linked with a number we assign the device so we are able to locate its whereabouts at a later time.
Once the laptop has gone through the tagging process, it is moved on to the software and hardware station. We’ll discuss this in a later post!
Currently we have 5,536 laptops tagged and ready for the next phase. Considering that number used to be a flat zero, it’s pretty impressive, don’t you think?
Our motto, “Create new hope with old laptops”, is here for a reason.
When a laptop is tagged, and delivered, the owners are able to see where their device(s) is/are at. They can see which country and school is using it at the moment.
Your old laptop may be outdated to you, sitting idly somewhere on a shelf. However, please note this, they could very well become treasures and once in a lifetime opportunities for someone else! Labdoo isn't just another non-profit organization, we are also a humanitarian social network run by like-minded individuals who love volunteering and providing underprivileged children an opportunity to learn!

Laptops Hubs in California Taking Action to Help Bring Education Laptops to Needy Schools

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead
It really doesn’t matter how small you start out. This small group is what’s going to establish the foundation of everything else that will be built on.
Have you ever planted a seed that would eventually blossom into beautiful work of art by nature?
"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant."
- Robert Louis Stevenson
It takes the proper nourishments, it certainly isn’t going to happen over night, but with genuine patience and care, you will eventually see the flower at full.

New Labdoo Feature: 'Pick Me Up'!

To help bring even more laptops to needy schools, we need to make our tasks as efficient as possible. We just added a new feature to the Social Network that will make the donation of your unused laptops and tablets to schools around the world even simpler. All it takes is two steps: (1) tag and (2) pick me up. Check out the Labdoo wiki to learn how this new feature works: