Labdoo Newsletter Global - 2016.01

Labdoo Newsletter global Issue: 14
Date: 01/2016
"Tag a laptop, spread education"
LABDOO is a humanitarian social network joined by people around the world who want to make our planet a better place by providing those in underdeveloped regions a chance at a better education. The goal of the social network is to send unused laptops, ebook readers, tablet-PCs and any device that can be loaded with education software to needy schools around the world using colaboration and without incurring any economic or environmental costs. There is a very large number of stories taking place within the Labdoo social network (take a look at the global activity feed) and this newsletter can only capture a few of them. If your story does not show up and you feel that it is worth spreading, please send an email to and the editor of this newsletter will make any possible effort to include it in the next issue.
The Labdoo Team.

Global Progress:

Swiss Labdoo Laptops Arrive in Togo

Kids at a school in Togo in front of Swiss Labdoo laptops. This great picture recently arrived as a big surprise to all of our Swiss hub members. It was taken by Yanek Schiavone and his NPO "Des sourires pour le Togo". Ready to mount and as a big thank you for the various laptop donations. A fantastic gift which instantly found a place of honor in our Zurich hub premises. Yanek - a huge THANK YOU for you and your team from all of our Swiss Labdoo supporters!

Happy New Year 2016 to all of Labdooers!

Labdoo wants to wish all of you a Happy New Year 2016. Together, may this year be yet another great one to help spread education around the world.

The world buys every year more than 400 million laptops and electronic tablets, yet 5000 million people still don't have access to powerful online and free sources of education. Whether we have 5 minutes, one hour, or a day of our time, here are a few things we can all do together or on our own to help spread education around the world in 2016:

  • Tag a laptop. Do you have a laptop or a tablet that you no longer use? Then consider donating it to a Labdoo school to help bring education to a child. All you need to do is 'tag it' by going to the this link and filling in the form. This will only take you 5 minutes.
  • Sanitize a laptop. Do you have one hour of your time? then help sanitize a laptop by cleaning an unused laptop or tablet, installing the education software, and making it ready so that the laptop can travel to a needy school. Follow the step by step instructions in the Labdoo wiki to sanitize your unused laptop from this link: sanitation steps.
  • Help carry a laptop in your next trip. Are you traveling? then consider bringing one or two sanitized laptops/tablets in your luggage to your destination. By re-purposing your trip to help move laptops around the globe, at Labdoo we accomplish our mission of spreading education to schools without adding any new CO2 emissions to the Planet and without any economic cost. We call this collaborative way of transporting objects around the world 'dootrips'. Here is a list of Labdoo hubs from where you can pick up sanitized laptops, and here is a list of target school destinations where they can be delivered. You can register your dootrip by going to this link.

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The Labdoo Platform Continues to Improve

We've been working hard to continue to improve the Labdoo platform and we wanted to give you some quick updates. When it comes to helping spread education around the world, the more efficient we can make our work, the more schools we will be able to serve. But it's not only about efficiency, it's also about making our work more open and transparent, making our communication better, allowing to outreach to more communities, providing better tools and, finally, it's also about having fun and enjoying what we do. Since we released Labdoo 2.0, we've continued to improve the Labdoo platform thanks to all of you who have been providing feedback and requesting new useful software features. From managing your own laptop inventory, organizing your school deployments and photo albums to share with the world, from using the various team walls to help communicate with other labdooers, managing your dootrips and linking them with your dootronics, creating your own wiki documents to help build and share the knowledge base, from configuring your notification triggers to help track goodwill activity around your area, or even tracking your CO2 emission savings to help preserve Planet Earth. These are just some of the many features that you will find when joining Project Labdoo to help you spread education around the world.

Want to learn about the features the Labdoo platform provides? check out the Labdoo Social Network manual:…/labdoo-social-network-how-it-works

For more information about the Labdoo software development team, check out this page or the software development team…/software-development/activities

More about the Labdoo approach? check out this page:

Labdoo Laptops from Germany Arrive in Ethiopia

Labdoo laptops delivered to a school in Fessa, Ethiopia, using dootrips carried out from Germany. A great way to start the new year, thanks to everyone's collaboration!

Malala and Labdoo Share a Mission

Malala's mission is one: to spread education to every child in the world. Check out this video for great insights behind the vision of a world where one day education is a free universal right, as free as the air we breathe. Towards the end of the video, Malala's school receives a donation of 200 tablets loaded with education software. That's precisely aligned with our mission at the world buys every year more than 400 millions laptops and tablets, and this number is not going to decrease; at, we use a collaborative global social network to help sanitize unused computer devices, load them with powerful free education applications, and spread them in schools around the world, all without incurring additional costs to Planet Earth. As one of the 2000 million persons on the planet who own a computer, you can also be part of this miracle story. If you have an unused laptop or tablet, you can now tag it at and help make a difference by spreading education around the world.
Tag a laptop, spread education around the world.
Check out the video:

Students, Activists, Teachers United to Spread Education

What do 15 year old students from high schools, activist Ousman Umar from Ghana, teachers and parents have all in common? they are all united to help explain how we can all together help spread education using the platform.
Multiple events around the area of Barcelona are being held by Labdoo volunteers to explain how Project Labdoo works and how we can all together be part of the solution when it comes to spreading education around the world.
Ousman Umar Nasco ICT , a young activist from Ghana who crossed the desert and the sea when he was a kid to reach Europe with the goal to gain an education (he currently studies at the university) is explaining his life story at universities in collaboration with Project Labdoo.
Students from Escola Vedruna in Vilafranca visited all the classrooms in their school to present Project Labdoo to their younger classmates. Now all students in the school are asking their parents to contribute to their mission by bringing their unused laptops to the school so they can sanitize them and make them ready for other needy schools around the world.
These are but some of the many actions that we can all do to help spread education. Remember, you can also be part of this story, from your home, from your school, your university, your work, from anywhere. Visit to find out more.

Labdoo Laptops Arrived in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa

The Zurich Hub, in Switzerland, supports children at the IOGT-Jes primary school in Bissau which is organised by Priska Hauser and her team out of the Swiss organisation IOGT Thanks to all donors and other volunteers - especially Jens Mühlenberg who took care for the IT-part of this project! Further details about this edoovillage here:

How Together We Can Make Planet Earth a Better Place?

As the Holiday Season and the New Year approach, it's time to slow down, relax, and enjoy with family and friends. It's also a great time to step back for a second and think about how we as a community can all help each other to make Planet Earth a better place to live. The world buys every year more than 400 million laptops and electronic tablets, yet 5000 million people still don't have access to powerful online and free sources of education. Whether we have 5 minutes, one hour, or a day of our time, here are a few things we can all do this Holiday Season together to help spread education around the world:
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Labdoo Presented at Engineers Without Borders in USA

Project Labdoo was invited to present its work at the Engineers Without Borders Conference in USA (North East Region Event, Syracuse, New York). Overall it was a great event! We got a lot of smart questions and overall it was a really productive weekend on ideas and discussions on how to spread education around the world. We also got various groups of students interested in participating with Project Labdoo, thank you all of you for reaching out. And another big thanks to Engineers Without Borders for the organization of the event, full of interesting topics and ideas.

The event:

Here are the slides of our presentation:

And here is a link where you can download a high resolution version of the Labdoo poster:

If you need to present Project Labdoo in front of your audience (at your school, at your work, in a conference, anywhere), feel free to use these slides. If you'd like to modify the slides, send us an email at and we will send you the original sources so that you can adjust the content.

Labdoo Sanitation Event in Hsinchu, Taiwan

Check out the great work by Labdooers in Taiwan, who continue to collect, sanitize and deliver unused but powerful laptops loaded with education software to many schools in South East Asia and Africa. Check out their progress through this hub's dashboard at And while you are at that, check out the work done by all the other hubs around the world: Would like to create your own hub? easy enough, you can do so from home, from your school, from the university or even from your work or NGO, because when it comes to enabling education for all, everyone can be part of the solution.
Learn more about how to create your own hub from these two links:
Labdoo Hub Quick Brochure:
Labdoo Hub Wiki:

We Planted the Seeds, Now They are Blooming

[Article written from Labdoo Hub OC (California) / Pictures include dolls contributed from the wonderful organization ]
Have you ever planted a seed that would eventually blossom into beautiful work of art by nature?
"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant."
- Robert Louis Stevenson
It takes the proper nourishments, it certainly isn’t going to happen over night, but with genuine patience and care, you will eventually see the flower at full. When we brought the first batch of laptops to Nigeria, an African country on the Gulf of Guinea, we didn’t know what to expect, and they didn’t know what to expect either. We were nervous and so were they. It started with a few laptops and a few students who wanted to learn what this device was about. We first taught the teacher how the different features and games worked on these laptops, and then the teacher showed his students with enthusiasm. We kept in close touch with the school since that visit. What happened over the next few years has become a reminder to our heart that what we are doing is changing lives. One of the graduated students from this school is studying hard because he wants to become a doctor in the future. We are inspired by his story and wish him the best in all his future endeavors! This school is one of hundreds that we're partnered with. You can check out the full list here:

Are You Traveling? Deliver Education

Are you traveling during the holidays or any day? if so, why not using your trip to bring a laptop loaded with education software to a needy school? at Labdo, we call this type of traveling 'dootrips', as in 'Labdoo trips'. A dootrip is a CO2-neutral way to transport laptops to schools, because your trip is re-purposed for a humanitarian cause at no additional environmental cost to the Planet. If you are traveling this holiday season, you can now contribute your trip by going to, creating an account, and registering your trip by going to 'Dootrips' -> 'Create'. Or email us and we will help you out: Happy traveling!!

Words of Gratitude from Friends in Kampala

We'd like to share the words of gratitude the Labdoo team received from Harriet, in Kampala, Uganda, regarding the laptops received by their school project. Check out more information about this school project from its edoovillage page:
Thanks Harriet for your kind words and for all the work you do to help spread education.
Dear Labdoo Team,
Happy festive season.
This comes to express our gratitude to you and all the partners and stakeholders of Labdoo for the great support rendered to Rhythm of Life. The laptops have been instrumental in improving the computer skills and learning environments of our girls - daughters of sec workers in Kabalagala.
Attached photos reflect the most recent blogging session that we had. They will soon be posting their blogs as well as maximizing their social media pages for a common cause of amplifying their voices to the global community on issues that concern them.
We honor and respect this partnership.
Looking forward to more engagements next year.
Best regards,
Rhythm of Life