Labdoo Newsletter Global - 2016.04

Labdoo Newsletter global Issue: 15
Date: 04/2016
"Tag a laptop, spread education"
LABDOO is a humanitarian social network joined by people around the world who want to make our planet a better place by providing those in underdeveloped regions a chance at a better education. The goal of the social network is to send unused laptops, ebook readers, tablet-PCs and any device that can be loaded with education software to needy schools around the world using colaboration and without incurring any economic or environmental costs. There is a very large number of stories taking place within the Labdoo social network (take a look at the global activity feed) and this newsletter can only capture a few of them. If your story does not show up and you feel that it is worth spreading, please send an email to and the editor of this newsletter will make any possible effort to include it in the next issue.
The Labdoo Team.

Global Progress:

Labdoo's 5 Step Process to Spread Education

When it comes to spreading education, we are all part of the same solution. Here are the 5 simple Labdoo Steps explained in a short and fun video. Help us by sharing this clip to your friends, relatives and network of contacts, this will allow them to understand what each of us can do to help spread education around the world. Whether from your home, from your work, from your school, or anywhere, every small contribution makes a difference!

Subtitles are included for various languages. You can choose and share the video according to your language. If you would like to translate the subtitles to other languages, write a note to the Labdoo translation team at or contact us at

Happy sharing time!

English | Catalan | Chinese | French | German | Spanish

New Record Set by Swiss Hub in Zurich

The calculated average net sanitation time per laptop dropped to 6 minutes and the number of sanitized laptops grew by 35%! This record was achieved last Saturday during a laptop sanitation workshop which took place in Oberwil-Lieli, Switzerland, organized by Frank Geisler. With an improved clever process, developed by the Swiss team, sanitized laptops for children and schools in the world can now be generated even faster. Our supporters from allover Switzerland moved around half a ton of material and consumed 1.5 liters of coffee, 4.5 liters of softdrinks and various cakes, muffins and salties. The weight of all sanitized laptops was too high for the little handcart and it ran out of steam with flat tires. At the end of the day a huge amount of laptops were handed over to our Swiss EdooVillage run by Simon Marti from Active Asyl in Lucerne, Switzerland. Simon was over the moon and he and his team will use the laptops to foster integration and educate refugees and their families:


April 22 was Earth Day. Thanks for partnering with Labdoo and for helping to keep our Planet Green.

Receiving Education in the Midst of Beautiful Nature

Labdoo laptops delivered in a school in Sagada, Togo, from Labdooers in Germany. Great job, keep the human chain active to help bring education to schools. More details and pictures about this edoovillage project here:

A Boy from Madrid Delivers Education to Mexico and Togo

Here is a wonderful story about how a boy from Madrid created a team to help spread education to schools in Mexico and Togo using the Labdoo collaborative tools. Our young entrepreneur and activist Alejandro together with his classmates in Madrid are an example of how we can all together unite our forces to make our planet more sustainable while helping others reach education. You can visit their hub at
Here is the story from these very cool guys in Madrid...
"The labdoo hub at Balder School in Las Rozas de Madrid, Spain, started as the winning proposal in a social entrepreneurship contest held by the Balder Foundation, back in December 2014. In less than a year it has grown from a single volunteer (Alejandro Rodriguez, a high school freshman, winner of that contest and now hub manager) to currently 10 team members, which include middle and high school students, and some teachers and parents.
Since its inception it has received 12 laptops and has sanitized 9 of them, two of which have been already sent to a school in Guadalajara, Mexico. The hub also manages now two edoovillages in Togo, a shelter in Lome and a school in Noepe-Demime, fostered by the Balder Foundation and maintained by Acción Alegra, where students learn Spanish and how to use computers in general, as well as helping them in other subjects.
The team has been working relentlessly in training more students on the technical process of sanitizing laptops, and also in reaching out to their local community to maintain a steady flow of laptop donations by creating a blog and distributing posters, with the goal of making the school hub a sustainable, long-term project."

The Labdoo Story Presented at EYEcatalunya

The Labdoo story was presented at EYEcatalunya (, a leading forum on Arts, Science and Social Activism. The event was physically hosted in Barcelona and broadcasted over the global Internet. We talked about the work Labdoo is doing to help bring education laptops to schools around the globe and our forthcoming strategies to continue to help a growing number of schools.

Launching the New Labdoo Global Support Program

We have some exciting news to share... Labdoo is launching a new program to provide online technical support to schools around the world who receive Labdoo laptops and tablets. That's right! we are calling it the Labdoo Global Support Program or LGS for short and you will find all the information under this page Join us in this global effort to spread knowledge and education!
One of the big goals after a Labdoo laptop or tablet is deployed at a school is to ensure that it continues to run as healthy as possible to maximize its lifespan until it is time to recycle it. This effort is now made possible thanks to the new Labdoo Global Support (LGS) Program, formed by a team of Labdoo volunteers from around the world who provide free online technical help to students, teachers and staff members of edoovillages in resolving their dootronic (laptops, tablets, ebooks, etc.) related technical questions.
If we were a company selling laptops, the Labdoo Global Support Program would be what people in the business world commonly refer as "After-Sales Support". Labdoo is however not a company, but a humanitarian social project. Not only that, as you know, Labdoo does not accept funding nor monetary donations to run its logistical system (, so we can't rely on the traditional business approach to support laptops deployed in the field. Instead, we apply once again the same strategy we use to solve every challenge we encounter along our way: global collaboration and distributed technology. Labdoo's Global Support Program works by collecting drops of goodwill from everywhere in the planet united to help resolve technical questions that may arise to users located in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. In a nutshell, LGS provides a wall-like interface that allows students, teachers and staff members of the schools that receive laptops to write their technical questions. On that wall, Labdooers distributed across the planet help resolve the posted questions. Since Labdoo has physical presence in the five continents, the end result is a 24/7/365 (all days of the year) interactive online system that provides both technical support to people from the schools while at the same time it helps to continue to grow the global pool of knowledge (knowledgebase).
Please read more about the new LGS Program depending on your Labdoo role:
If you are a recipient of a Labdoo laptop:…/what-if-i-want-receive-aid-lgs-sup…
If you are sanitizing a laptop or a hub manager:
If you have computer skills and want to be part of the global Labdoo Support Team:…/what-if-i-want-be-part-lgs-team
We look forward to helping resolve your schools' technical questions by tapping into everyone's knowledge pool!
The Labdoo Team

Laptops from Orange County Hub Arrive in Vietnam

Thank you friends for bringing all the big smiles to us!
Greetings from Vietnam,
Ho Chi Minh

Labdoo in Germany Wins One Google's Impact Challenge e.V. (Deutschland) is a winner of Google's Impact Challenge 2016. With this award, Google supports and honors the work of our Labdooers in Germany.

New Labdoo Feature 'Data Exports' Up and Running!

When it comes to carrying an aid mission to help others around the globe, it's important to do so in an open and transparent manner. And a big part of this goal is being able to openly share information and efficiently move data around. Within the Labdoo aid social network you will find the tools to help you bring your unused laptop to a needy school, and now we just added one more cool feature. Data exports allows you to download the data presented in each of the Labdoo dashboards by simply clicking on the orange button "Download data". A CSV file (viewable from your favorite spreadsheet application) will be downladed, which you can now keep offline or use to forward snapshots of your work to your peers. This allows you to report on actions taken by you or your team to other people in a fun and efficient manner. Look for the orange 'Download data' button in your dashboard and check it out!
And there are many more features we are building to help make your mini-mission more effective, stay tuned and continue to check them. You can also let us know via our software development team (…/software-development/activities) if you have any ideas or suggestions of your own on how to continue to improve the Labdoo workflows.

Country #110 Reached!

The Labdoo Project wil be sending laptops to a school project in Haiti. This adds country number 110 to the list of countries where Labdoo is currently deploying laptops. Thanks to everyone's work for making this possible!
This new school project is made possible thanks to students from the University of Bridgeport and in collaboration with Labdoo hubs from Barcelona, California, and New York. The laptops are currently in transit from various places of the world (using CO2-neutral dootrips), being routed to Bridgeport from Barcelona, New York and California. The students from Bridgeport will be traveling to Haiti this coming March to carry out much needed social and humanitarian activities in the area and will be deploying the Labdoo laptops to a local school.
Thanks everyone who is taking part of this global mission, from the students and people who helped collect and sanitize the laptops, the people who are performing the dootrips to help transport the laptops and the students from University of Bridgeport who will deploy the laptops. When it comes to education, there is no compromise, every bit of collaboration counts!
If you want to contribute your laptop or time to help this project, please reach out to Labdoo via the contact information you will find in this edoovillage page:

California and Switzerland United for Laos

A great cooperation across the globe between our hubs in California (South), Switzerland and various dootrippers. Thank you!
Check out more details and pictures about this edoovillage at

Blanca, Our Little Hero of the Day

Let me introduce Blanca to you, our little hero of the day. Blanca is a Junior High student in Barcelona (2nd of ESO), and she's already made a first step towards making our World a better place. How? with a simple act: writing and presenting in front of her class her essay on how together we can help make a cleaner Planet and at the same time spread education to so many other kids around the world that unfortunately do not have access to education the way Blanca has it. We have the technology, we have the excess capacity, we know how we are going to do it, and we have the determination to do it. When it comes to education, there is no compromise. We are all one, one story, one objective, one journey, all united towards the same destination: a world where education becomes a Universal Right for all, as free as the air we breathe.
Good job Blanca, you ace it!

One Country One Picture Project is Now Running

Pictures are a very important part of what we do at Labdoo, because they provide a way for people to see the results of all our actions united. Good pictures provide (1) transparency as they allow users to see their devices deployed in schools (and not piling up as eWaste) and (2) they help motivate people to continue to contribute even more unused laptops and tablets to schools around the world. On top of that, good pictures are just fun!
For this reason, Labdoo is starting a Project called 'One Country One Picture' to track your best photo shoots. For each country, we'd like to ask you to provide a candidate picture to represent it. Pick the very best shot you got from that mini-mission in which you delivered a Labdoo laptop, capturing a happy face, a moment of joy, or showing the world how your laptop deployments are helping children attain a better education. Labdoo is now present in 110 countries, so the current goal is to have 110 pictures, and as we continue to grow into more countries, more pictures will continue to be added too.
We will keep the selected pictures in our Labdoo source code repository:…/t…/master/files/one-country-one-picture. But the top pictures will also make it to the front page of the Labdoo social network:
If you have a good candidate picture you would like to share, please do so by posting it to this Team Wall:…/one-country-one-picture-project. When doing so, please make sure to write down the country name and the village or town where the picture was taken.
Take a look at some of the sample pictures and happy photo shooting to everyone!!
The Labdoo Team