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1. Outreach Task Description Examples Useful Links
Locate unused laptop resources *Talk to people you know who may have unused laptops to be donated
*Send email to ask for laptop donations
*Organize a laptop drive at your school or at your work place
* Like/share Labdoo/Labdoo.OC facebook posts
*Create your own hub with friends
Create promotional material *Create/Improve Labdoo related material
*Create flyers
2. Laptop Sanitization Task Description Examples Useful Links
Prepare donated laptops for school use *Sanitize laptops at home following the Labdoo procedures
*Attend Monthly QA meetings and work on laptops together
*Help answer technical questions at the Labdoo global support wall
3. Art and Language Task Description Examples Useful Links
Improve website readability *Translate the Labdoo platform into different languages
Improve website readability *Proofread the labdoo wiki articles
4. Coding Task Description Examples Useful Links
Website coding/ create Labdoo related apps *Coding with Drupal
*Create Labdoo games
* Create educational apps

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