Modify YouTube Plugin (2018 reform of EU data protection rules)


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Feature request

Hi Jordi,

sorry, the data protection law causes much work. As I understood today, we have to touch each YouTube video and add a new plug-in code to our homepage and wikis.

You have to proceed as follows (if change has to be done manually):

  • open one of your YouTube videos
  • share / teilen -> embedded / einbetten -> mark "active advanced data protection mode / Erweiterten Datenschutzmodus aktivieren"
    this will bring up a new code shown in the top of the same window
  • e.g. for our German explanatory video I got this new code

Now my question, how to add that to our wiki pages?

Do I copy&paste this code and replace the former code


Or is the new code


As I am not so deep in Drupal and HTML I want to clarify first, before going through all wiki pages manually.

Or is there a way to do this job by a script? Find all "video:" codes and replace it, if they are to YouTube? Very much appreciated.

Thank you.