new algorithm completing dootrips autmatically


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Here is the reminder :) Ralf
I have also been thinking about automating this process. Right now the algorithm automatically sends 3 friendly email reminders (on days 5, 10 and 15 after the dootrip has passed) to ask the dootripper to update the register (completed or cancelled). This is explained here:

I see that some dootrippers do update correctly upon receiving the friendly reminded, but some don't do that. So thank you very much for doing a pass on cleaning up all the dootrips.

I think we can automate a bit more the algorithm to automatically clean up the dootrip after day 20 if the user has not updated it (after the three friendly reminders). Could you add a task in the soft dev team about this and i will implement it?


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Submitted by jordi on Sun, 08/13/2017 - 10:41

I have been thinking about this feature, but i think it's better not to automate the process of resolving a dootrip. The reason is because if we let the algorithm change automatically the status of a dootrip if no one updates the dootrip after 20 days, then we will be potentially hiding valuable information. I find it very valuable to check dootrips that have not been updated, because they signal potential issues with that project.

I did a quick search on dootrips that are not resolved. It's very simple to do, by going to the dashboard ( and selecting the "Status" option with value "Pending". Since the dootrips are now listed in the order in which the expire, by simply going to the bottom of that table we can find all the oldest dootrips. There are only a few of them that were not updated, but they are valuable information to spot projects that for some reason were not completed, which allows for better traceability. (They already helped us in Catalonia spot a couple of projects that needed our attention.)

So for now, i prefer to rely on human checking rather than algorithmic checking for three reasons: (1) it's fairly simple to do and luckily people are getting better at updating info, (2) it provides valuable information for better transparency and check potential issues with a project and (3) it teaches us to follow good practice reminding us about the importance of keeping the platform's information most up to date.