Tools That You Receive When Creating a Labdoo Hub


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These are some of the tools you receive when you create your own hub:

  • Your own hub page. This page provides information (such as the location of your hub) to help donors know where they can bring their unused dootronics. From this page, you can also manage your own inventory of dootronics and edoovillages.
  • Photo album. Every hub has its own photo album where hub managers can upload pictures of their own Labdoo activities. To access the album, click on the "Go to photo album" button found in the hub page.
  • Additional user rights. As a hub manager, your user account will be given additional management rights within the Labdoo platform, such as the rights to edit your hub information or the rights to create your own edoovillages.
  • Tools to help organize your own outreaching activities. These tools include brochures, flyers, posters, email templates, etc. to help you initiate and manage your own campaigns to mobilize unused laptops and contributions from volunteers near your area. These tools include also the capability to create your own regional Labdoo newsletter and organize local events.
  • Additional management tools. For instance, as a hub manager you will be able to set regional triggers to automatically receive notification emails upon certain Labdoo actions happening near your area (such as laptop tagging activities or registration of new trips near your area).

Figure. Every hub has its own page to help outreach the local community and manage its own inventory. Each page has access to open data including the list of dootronics, edoovillages, and progress metrics.

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