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The following instructions can help you start and maintain a Labdoo School Club

Remember, regardless of the cause, commitment and good communication are crucial to lead a successful social project and help the community. If you are decided to create a Labdoo Hub in your school, the following steps will guide you through the process:

1. Check with your school for the requirements to form a school club.
2. Invite friends to fulfill the club officer roles.
3. Find a teacher to be your club advisor.
4. Email us at contact@labdoo.org. We will find a parent hub to work with you. The parent hub can guide your club activities.
5. Read Responsibilities of a School Hub Manager page.
6. Submit the School Hub Information Form and Labdoo School Hub Officer Application to your parent hub manager.
7. Parent hub will need to supervise and evaluate the sustainability of the school hub before formally adding it to the Labdoo Hub list. Please keep periodic communication with your parent Labdoo hub manager.

Thank you for joining the Labdoo team, and we wish you all the success with your club under your excellent leadership.

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