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It is sometimes difficult to keep all attendees feel involved during the workshop, therefore, we prepare this possible mini-tasks list to help you get started. Please feel free to adjust according to the number of your attendees and their skill level. If the members are not technically strong, you can always contact us for help on "Installation and Repair" tasks after laptops are done with cleaning and tagging. We can help connect you with other technical hubs which you can send the laptops for future works.

A good preparation before the workshop is very important for carrying a successful workshop. Please be sure all the necessary supplies are available ahead of time. It is a good idea to have a box to keep all the supplies to bring to the workshop and periodically refill the box when supply is low.

We also find it is useful to color-code each laptop depends on the laptop's progress in the sanitation workshop. This gives flexibility and visibility on the laptop status especially when there are a lot of laptops to work on.

Here's a sample color-code we use:
White- passed inspection
Blue- has been tagged with Labdoo ID number
Yellow - data has been erased
Green- Labdoo image has been installed (We normally change language setting and do the final inspections after an edoovillage has been assigned to the laptop)
Red - the laptop is broken.

Station 1: Laptop Inspection

  • Purpose: To prescreen the donated laptop to avoid wasting time working on broken laptops
  • Supplies required: Universal Laptop Power Adaptors.
  • Work Description:
    1. Matching the laptop with its power adaptor. If the laptop does not come with a power adaptor, use the universal power adaptor to check if the laptop can be power on.
    2. Make sure the laptop can be power on normally.
    3. If it is a defect laptop, add a red sticker with a note specified the problem (eg. cannot be power on or broken screen), and send it to the Repair Team
  • Station 2. Tagging laptops

  • Purpose: To ensure each working laptop has an assigned Labdoo ID number
  • Supplies required:
    Blank Labdoo Label Sheet (you can find the link HERE), scissors, clear tapes, pens
  • Work Description:
    1. Follow the Laptop Tagging procedure to tag the laptop. ( )
    2. Make sure both power adapter and laptop are tagged with the same number. If the laptop comes with a battery, please label the battery too since the battery may need to be carried separately from the laptop during the trip.
    3. Add a blue sticker on the laptop.
  • Station 3. Software Installation

  • Purpose: To erase previous data stored in the laptop and install new Labdoo image.
  • Supplies required:
    The Labtix CDs/USBs, Most current Labdoo Images (
  • Work Description:
    It is recommended to separate Data Erasing and Software installation into two different meetings since erasing data is very time consuming (30 mins. - 1 hour)
    1. Use Labtix to erase data. The instructions can be found Here. Apply a yellow sticker after data erasing.
    2. Follow the Sanitation Guide for software installation
    3. Add a green sticker after installation. If the laptop fails to be installed, add a red sticker with a note specified the problem and send it to the Repair Team for further investigation.
  • Station 4: Laptop Repair Team

  • Purpose: To assign skillful volunteers to investigate problems on broken laptops
  • Supplies required:
    Since the Repair Team needs to be experienced volunteers, we expect each member comes with his/her basic toolkit - a universal power supply, screwdrivers for laptops, Labtix and Labdoo Image HD
    What is also needed - small sealable bags for spare parts, extra memory and hard drives removed from broken laptops
  • Work Description:
    1. Debug and fix the problems
    2. If the laptop cannot be fixed, label the laptop with "ready to be recycled" and save its power adapter, hard drive, and memory as spare parts.
  • Station 5: Final Inspection, Cleaning and Packaging

  • Purpose: To package the laptop for travelers to take with them
  • Supplies needed:
    Cleaning kit (some soft clothes, a small bottle of 91% rubbing alcohol, a box of cotton swabs)
  • Work Description:
    1. Check laptop condition based on the "Laptop Check List".
    2. Use the cleaning kit to carefully clean the laptops, both inside and outside. Please constantly reminding your volunteers that this is one of the most important task in the Labdoo donation laptops since we hope the laptop recipients feel our love and care.
    3. Bubblewrap the laptop and include the dootrip package in the laptop bag.

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