broken packages, interrupted installation, Update to new Lubuntu release

The following hints were taken from

The installation was interupted unpredictable:
sudo dpkg --configure -a (Enter, Password Enter)

“Broken” packages are reported, repare:
sudo apt-get install -f (Enter, Password Enter)

Update without upgrading to a new ubuntu release
sudo apt-get install dist-upgrade (Enter, Password Enter)

Repare “broken” packages or to delete the cache of the program list:
sudo apt-get clean (Enter, Password Enter)

To reload the program list again
sudo aptitude -f install (Enter, Password Enter)

Package administration is not usable anymore
Should the package administration become unusable during an upgrade or dist-upgrade you can use:
sudo aptitude -f install (Enter, Password Enter)

After an update of the existing installation:
sudo aptitude safe-upgrade -f (Enter, Password Enter)

After running a version upgrade to a new ubuntu version:
sudo aptitude full-upgrade -f (Enter, Password Enter)

After these statements you should always run
sudo dpkg --configure -a (Enter, Password Enter)