Forwarding a Response

When solicitors send us a request for laptops for a school in a country COUNTRY_DESTINATION, the first response is to ask back if they know of travelers from any country COUNTRY_SOURCE where Labdoo has hubs (see the Labdoo response to laptop solicitors: If the solicitors find travelers from a country COUNTRY_SOURCE which has Labdoo hubs, then the next step is to ask them to forward their own request to the Labdoo hubs in country COUNTRY_SOURCE. Here is Labdoo's standard response to help forward solicitors' request to the right country:



That's good news. Since you found traveler(s) from a region where we have Labdoo hubs, please do the following:

(1) Go to and click on "Request Laptops" button. This will take you to this page:

(2) Fill in your information, you can copy and paste the original message you sent me. Please tell them also that you have a traveler that can help bring the laptops. Most important, please make sure you select $COUNTRY in the Country field. This will ensure your request will be routed to Labdoo hubs from this country.

Upon doing this, someone from Labdoo $COUNTRY will be reaching back to you.

Wishing you best of luck in finding travelers and Labdoo hubs that can help bring educational laptops to your shool.

Warm regards,
Labdoo Team |
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