Add an edoovillage ID no?



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Feature request

Hi Jordi,
contributing to several hundreds of projects the project partners and myself is focussing the problem how to identify and communicate the other partner, which project we are talking about. Often I receive a mail "Hi, here are the pictures..." and I have to research the edoovillage by looking for the email address or other data. I ask since a long time either to add the link or thethe title of the project. But this is not used.

Now I am looking for an fast ID like the dootrip ID, so we can add it to our mail subject etc. (just project # xxx). And it could be shown on the top of each edoovillage page etc.

May-be you have a better idea? And this problem only comes up, when you have many projects to contribute to. So it is not urgent.

Thanks, Ralf


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This ticket is now resolved. The next time an edoovillage is created, you will see that a unique identifier is being generated for it. The ID is designed to track the total number of schools in the system (similar to dootronics and dootrips).

Notice that a limitation is that older edoovillages will continue to have no ID. Only new edoovillages will get the ID.