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Everybody can be a participant in the Labdoo network by performing actions to help spread education around the globe. When one or more of the participants act together regularly, they can optionally create their own Labdoo Hub. A hub is mainly a group of people that get together from time to time to carry activities such as collecting and sanitizing unused laptops, organizing dootrips, recycling technology, or carrying out outreaching activities, among others. Hubs are flexible in that they do not need to carry out all of these activities, but just the ones that are appropriate to the skills of the people part of it. For instance, some hubs are just dropping points where people can bring their unused laptops which then get transported to other hubs where they get sanitized. Hubs are typically implemented in high schools, at home, in companies, in your local neighbor community, in any type of organized community.

If you want to create you own hub, please write an email to contact@labdoo.org and we will get back to you with further information on how to proceed.

When your own hub is created, you will receive a kit containing the following:

  • A hub space inside the Labdoo systems that allows for the management of donated devices, dootrips, edoovillages, etc.
  • The listing of the hub in the page www.labdoo.org/hubs to help it gain visiblity. Step-by-step instruction to find a hub.
  • The rights to create new edoovillages.
  • A web album inside the hub space where pictures of the hub's activities can be uploaded.
  • The capability to configure additional triggers to notify you when certain activities happen around you (for instance, receiving automatic emails when someone near your area donates a laptop or contributes a dootrip.)
  • Detailed information about the amount of CO2-emission savings the hub has contributed to planet earth thanks to its Labdoo related activities.

Here is a brochure to help quickly explain what a hub is that you can also share with your friends.

[Download in printable format]

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