New internship from University Autonoma de Barcelona



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Hello team,

I wanted to introduce Catalina (@Catalina2405), who is joining us as a volunteer part of the internship program that we are part of with the Department of Translation and Interpretation from Univestitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

Catalina will be working to help correct grammatical mistakes on the English translation of the Labtix manuals and to help improve the overall flow.

As you know we have been working with UAB for the past 2 years and this is the third student that volunteers with us. This has been a very useful partnership to help improve our documents. Our documentation is far from perfect but every bit of help is a relevant contribution to the Labdoo project.

Thank you Catalina for your contribution and looking forward to working together.

Also special thank you to Elena for helping coordinate the paperwork for Catalina and bringing in so many good collaborators.