NVIDIA grafical drivers, problems and solutions



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  1. If a computer is not able to boot and if you are not able to log-in sometimes you are still able to have access via terminal:
  2. Either using CTL+ALT+t (if logged in), CTL+Alt+F3 or follow the GRUB information using the recovery mode:
    sudo apt-get purge nvidia-current (Enter)
    sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic (Enter)

  3. Preferences --> Additional Drivers --> wait a while and if proprietary drivers are offered for downlaod.
  4. NVIDIA driversfrom PPA (source) of developer community
  5. Herefor you have to add an additional source for software (PPA). Please be aware of potential risks of adding sources (PPA) to your computer:

    CTL + ALT + F3 (in recovery mode) or CTL + Alt + t if logged-in opens terminal

    log-in as user labdoo and password labdoo,
    sudo su (enter) + Passwort labdoo eingeben (enter)

    To add PPA for Ubuntu 14.04 / 13.10 / 13.04 / 12.10
    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa (enter)

    To add PPA for Ubuntu 12.04 / 11.10 / 11.04 / 10.04
    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates (enter)

    sudo apt-get update (enter)
    sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings (enter)
    sudo reboot (enter), um Laptop neu zu starten.

  6. If your computer is older (built before 2004) it does not make sense as this card is not supported anymore. It is worth a try to use either Lubuntu 12.04 LTS or to use the Labdoo Image for cloning for Lubuntu 12.04 LTS.

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