Open a terminal



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Often you will read "open a terminal". Here is explained how to do so:

Either press at the same time the 3 keys CTL + Alt + t.

Or alternatively → System tools → click on UXterm or XTerm

The terminal window will be shown.

At the beginning of each line you can read name of the user @ name of the laptop, e.g. labdoo@labdoo-000004xxx. You are now able to type in your comands.

When executing a command line wait until you see again this beginning of a line.

To close a terminal either type “exit” → Enter eingeben, when the command is proceeded.

During the installation process of Lubuntu or during the boot process you are able to press CTL + Alt + F3 and you get access to the terminal level. Using CTL + Alt + F7 you get back.

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