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For the explained reasons and advantages, Labdoo uses the Linux operating system. However, some users prefer a graphical user interface (GUI) which looks like Windows so that the learning curve for some users is even lower. In this page you will find a guide on how to install and configure the Lubuntu GUI to look similar to Windows.

Those using Labdoo Images for Cloning can stop reading here, as the images are coming with pre-installed Windows 10 themes and icons that can be activated.


Windows 10-look alike user interface might be for instance downloaded from here or from (download light and dark theme, icon set)

Unpack the archive and move the files using superuser rights to these two folders (you can open a terminal with ALT+CTRL+T and then type sudo pcmanfm [enter] to open a file browser from where you can move the files):

  • Move themes to /usr/share/themes
  • Move icons to /usr/share/icons

Check the rights to access and update them, if needed (right click on the file, and select Properties → Permissions → View = anyone; change = only owner; Access = anyone).


In order to activate the new themes, click on the Lubuntu-start button on the left bottom corner of the screen and select Preferences → Customize Look and Feel → select in the tab widget the Windows theme → click on the icon theme and select Winx-x.x.x → close the window.

To undo / switch back to the default Linux theme just select another theme (Lubuntu-default) and icon theme (Lubuntu) or other layouts that you may like.

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