Edoovillage #2164 - Kenya, Mshomoroni: Harrisons Primary School


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Edoovillage #2164 - Kenya, Mshomoroni: Harrisons Primary School


Harrisons Primary School
Kengelani Road (Mombasa Region)
Mshomoroni , CO
4° 2' 15.2268" S, 39° 40' 5.5128" E
Coast KE
Coordinating hub(s): 
Project title: 
Harrisons Primary School
Number of teachers: 
Number of students: 
On-site point of contact: 

Harrison Nyundo, Phone +254 72 486 14 19, Switzerland: Joshua Schmidli, Phone +41 78930 14 34, josh4@gmx.ch

Project description: 

Since three years im supporting Harrison by building his school. he decided to quit his job 7 years ago to bring education to the poor children in his village. so he started to build a school. three years ago i started the project in switzerland and we began with the reconstruction of the school. We started with 5 children and now we have 140. As the digital education is very important for the future we would love to give this kind of education to our students. especially in these countries international education is very important. it would give us a strong support for the children and also the teachers. so they have more opportunities to educate the children and also themself. The children would also be able to do research. (as we don't have a library yet

Green: the rest of the dootronics can be sent
Number of dootronics needed: 
Dootronics additional notes: 
Tablets-PC: 10
Local language(s): 
Socket voltage: 
220-240 Volts
Socket type: 
Internet connection type: 
Internet additional notes: 
WIFI is used
Date it was created: 10/09/21/
Date it was last updated: 10/10/21


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