Edoovillage #2616 - Cameroon, Bamenda: CEMASUD ICT Skills Promotion Program


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Edoovillage #2616 - Cameroon, Bamenda: CEMASUD ICT Skills Promotion Program


Ghana Street Nkwen
Bamenda , NOR
5° 57' 43.4052" N, 10° 10' 2.6544" E
North Province (Nord) CM
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CEMASUD ICT Skills Promotion Program
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Full Name(*): Chiaga Eric Foinchi, Phone(*): +237675079154, Email(*): chiagaeric2016@gail.com

Project description: 

2. Project Description - Please explain about your project and how you will use the laptops (*):

Community Empowerment Agency for Sustainable Development (CEMASUD), is a nonprofit organisation based in Bamenda Cameroon,
aimed at alleviating acute poverty and unemployment, protecting the environment and promoting gender justice in rural communities
through the promotion of sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, information communication technology (ICT) economic empowerment initiatives
and human rights advocacy programs.

CEMASUD S ICT Skills Promotion Program is aimed at empowering vulnerable crises affected youths displaced from rural communities in the
North West Region of Cameroon because of the ongoing crises affecting the two English speaking regions of Cameroon.
We strongly believe that providing these vulnerable youths on an ongoing basis with skills on Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
will unlock their potential to address the social and economic challenges they face and to lead better lives. The ICT Skills Promotion program
will give vulnerable youth s access and familiarity to the internet and to computer technology.
Our community empowerment center currently has only 5 computers purchased with funds gotten through the support of local community members. With
increase access to computer facilities in our center, we would be able to provide free training to More vulnerable youths.

We are therefore requesting for 25 laptops computer support to enable us increase the number of trainees from 10 per each batch of training to 50.
We are focused on training vulnerable youths on how to use digital technologies to find jobs, do business, participate in society and contribute
to the local economy; providing them with a focused approach to use ICT to develop agriculture and other entrepreneurial businesses.

Project goals:
The goal of the ICT Skills Development Project is to empower vulnerable young people in Bamenda Cameroon, with skills on Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
and unlock their potential to address the social and economic challenges they face and to lead better lives.

Project objectives are:
- Increase the number of vulnerable youths to benefit from our computer training per batch as a result of additional computers.
- Enhance technology/Internet access for vulnerable youths for research, search for opportunities and better understanding of importance ICT for
developmental projects
- Empower more vulnerable youths with skills to repair, restore and maintain computers` thereby creating jobs for the affected people.
- Provide entrepreneurship training that will assist vulnerable young people to start up some businesses then create jobs to improve the livelihood
of vulnerable young people and their communities.
- Enable children to enjoy their right to access information, communication and have the access to the right technology to better their lives.
- Create a conducive environment for vulnerable youths to get involved in socio-economic empowerment through agricultural activities to better their communities.

We carry out a 3 - 12months computer courses in software and hardware for free to targeted selected vulnerable youths per session to study for free.
In each training cohort we aim to be training 50 youths.

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