Edoovillage #1256 - India, Narsingpur, West Bengal: Pentecost Mission School


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Edoovillage #1256 - India, Narsingpur, West Bengal: Pentecost Mission School


Mechuadhura Balabathan
Mechuadhura Balabathan
735204 Narsingpur, West Bengal
26° 40' 59.7504" N, 89° 4' 51.4488" E
Coordinating hub(s): 
Project title: 
Pentecost Mission School
Number of teachers: 
Number of students: 
On-site point of contact: 

Vanlalchama Pachuau
Phone:8116090095/ 7005142332

Project description: 

We are running a Christian Mission School, Nursery to Class-IV (Planning to extend Higher) among the Tribe of Adivasi and Santhali, which are mostly a Hindu Religion and they are an extremely low level of education among its population. Since 1996 we are running this School, the working and Educational condition have been improved so much and at the same time, we want them to improve more in English. And for this, we need our teacher to have Global Education. If we could have a Laptop, that will help us in many ways to improve our teacher and our School. It will help our kids to have a better tomorrow

Project application: 
Yellow: first dootronics can be sent
Number of dootronics needed: 
Local language(s): 
Hindi, Mizo
Socket voltage: 
220-240 Volts
Socket type: 
Internet connection type: 
Wired or Wireless
Date it was created: 18/09/18/
Date it was last updated: 18/09/18


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Dootronic ID Country Status Model Serial number Weight
000015042 India [S4] Deployed and being used HP 00330-80000-00000-AA338
000015045 India [S4] Deployed and being used Dell 00359-0EM-9801755-61438


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