Edoovillage #1545 - Kenya, Siaya : Schizophrenia Society Of Kenya SSK | On the move e.V.


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Edoovillage #1545 - Kenya, Siaya : Schizophrenia Society Of Kenya SSK | On the move e.V.


Siaya Central Primary School
Bondo-Rangala Road, PO Box 241
40600 Siaya
0° 1' 5.3724" N, 34° 8' 40.9596" E
Project title: 
Schizophrenia Society Of Kenya SSK | On the move e.V.
Number of teachers: 
Number of students: 
1 500
On-site point of contact: 

6.1 Full Name(*): Japheth Obare
6.2 Phone(*): +254716297173
6.3 Email(*): japhethoo@gmail.com

Project description: 

Schizophrenia Society Of Kenya (SSK)
Elimisha Jamii Campaign- Schizophrenia Society of Kenya is currently working in 6 primary school to undertake mentoring and destigmatization on mental health issues.

Siaya Country (in Kenya) schools had 5 suicides since 2015. There are other mental health issues like depression and anxiety that is eating into the student population and
so SSK has risen to the occasion to remedy this through education on matters mental health. Elimisha Jamii Campaign is a Swahili word meaning educate the society. SSK iscollaboration with other stakeholders in the effort of educating the public especially the youth on matters related to mental health. We plan to use the laptops for teaching
the youths in the schools. We hope to store our education materials in the computers since this will make us environmentally friendly by reducing amount of paper used for
teaching materials. We also want to teach the students on how to use the computers to carry out research online on mental health issues. Finally, the students will use the
computers directly to train on our courses offered by SSK.

Project application: 
Green: the rest of the dootronics can be sent
Number of dootronics needed: 
Dootronics additional notes: 
We need the 16 laptops since the number served will be a big number and even if there is some sharing, it can be a fair and reasonable sharing among the students.
Local language(s): 
Additional information about language(s): 
local language: Dholuo
Internet connection type: 
Date it was created: 06/10/19/
Date it was last updated: 06/10/19


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Dootronic ID Country Status Model Serial number Weight
000020873 Kenya [S4] Deployed and being used Dell Latitude E6410 4WH80P1 3.00Kgms
000020881 Kenya [S4] Deployed and being used Dell Latitude E6410 7YLZWN1 3.00Kgms


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Dootrip #DepartureOriginDestinationStatusCapacityDootronics assigned
Dootrip #0000012752020-01-01T08:30:00Hoyerswerda, GermanyKisumu City, KenyaCompleted55


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