Edoovillage #1620 - Greece, Polikastro : Open Cultural Center Greece


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Edoovillage #1620 - Greece, Polikastro : Open Cultural Center Greece


OCC Greece
Meg. Alexandrou 149
612 00 Polikastro
40° 59' 33.8604" N, 22° 34' 27.894" E
Thank you note: 

A donation will help us teach computer knowledge to people in vulnerable positions that can help them with integration in Europe and allow them to find jobs more easily.

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Open Cultural Center Greece
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Number of students: 
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Project description: 

Open Cultural Center es una organización que trabaja hacia la inclusión social de los refugiados y migrantes a través de actividades educativas y culturales. OCC está activo tanto en España como en Grecia, y en Grecia ofrecemos cursos la alfabetización informática básica a refugiados de los campos. Por este, necesitamos computadoras.

Open Cultural Center is an organization that works towards the social inclusion of refugees and migrants through educational and cultural activities. OCC is active in both Spain and Greece, and in Greece we offer basic computer literacy courses to refugees from the camps. For this, we need computers.

Yellow: first dootronics can be sent
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Basic computers are sufficient.
Local language(s): 
Greek, English, Spanish
Additional information about language(s): 
PC's in English are best.
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Date it was created: 02/01/20/
Date it was last updated: 18/09/20


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000025123 Greece [S3] Assigned to an edoovillage, waiting to be shipped Dell Studio 17/1749 2898684937 3.70Kgms


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Dootrip #DepartureOriginDestinationStatusCapacityDootronics assigned
Dootrip #0000016442020-11-01T08:45:00Barcelona, SpainPolykastro, GreeceCompleted11


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